Corona: flying to and staying on Gran Canaria


In summary:

You can enjoy a safe and happy holiday in Gran Canaria, in the Netherlands and Belgium if you adhere to some important safety rules: keep your distance, hygiene and a mouth mask (mascarilla) in public places.

Due to the favorable Corona situation on Gran Canaria, you can enjoy almost everything: the beautiful weather, the beaches, swimming pools, walking, sports, restaurants and cafes (open until 22.00hrs). Only the discotheques are still closed. The travel advice from the Netherlands is code yellow and for Belgium it is code orange (comparable to code yellow for the Netherlands). According to the Canary Islands system, Gran Canaria has the code green.

Please complete the FCS form prior to travel to obtain the corresponding QR code (see below for further explanation). From November 23, a PCR test with negative result (no older than 72 hours before arrival) is required. The Canary Government is still negotiating with the Spanish Government about the possibility of using the cheaper and faster antigen test.


Background information:

You must adhere to some important rules and it is also possible to have a nice holiday on the entire island. And if you follow these rules, you and the others will remain safe, even if you unexpectedly meet someone who has corona. These are the same rules that you must adhere to if you were to stay in the Netherlands:

-keeping distance, hygiene and staying at home in case of illness.

As an extra measure, the wearing of mouth masks has recently become mandatory, making it even safer.

You stay in one of our private apartments. These are centrally located in Playa del Ingles and there are no tour operators in the three complexes. So you have no contact with mass tourism, so you do not have to constantly come into contact with a large number of other guests.


The Canary Islands are committed to protecting the health of travelers and residents. That is why some important measures apply:


1. Before the trip:

It is mandatory to fill in the personal form that accompanies your trip. Make sure you fly with the personal QR code for the trip in question. You can start filling out the form (FCS form) at any time prior to your trip, except for the sections related to your health and travel history. These last parts are available from two days (from 48 hours) before your arrival in Spain. Each passenger must fill in the form and have the corresponding QR code. You can do this via the website (FCS Form) or via the mobile SpTH App (install the App via Google Play, by entering SpTH in the search field of Google Play). Using the App is the easiest. At the time of writing this internet page, the IPhone App was not yet available. People with an IPhone can fill in the form anyway via the above website.


a. PCR test:

Maximum 72 hours before arrival on the Spanish airport you have to do a PCR test.

Only original documentation (not a copy) will be accepted and only in Spanish or English. The documentation can be shown on paper as well as digitally.
The document must contain at least the following information: name of the traveler, passport number or national ID, date of the test, identification and contact details of the center that performed the analysis, the technique used and the negative test result.


b. Get your QR code:

From two days before your flight, you can answer all questions, including health questions, in the form and obtain the QR code associated with your trip. You will receive a document in PDF format with the QR code in your email (if you have used the website), or directly on your mobile (in the My Trips section) if you fill in the FCS form using the mobile SpTH App.


c. App Radar Covid:

It is also strongly advised to download and keep the app "Radar Covid" active during the stay on the islands and the 15 days after return. This app notifies you when you have been close to someone with corona.


2. At Gran Canaria Airport:

Wearing a face mask is mandatory at the airport.

Show your QR code at the check. Your QR code will be scanned. Your temperature will be measured on arrival and should not exceed 37.5 degrees. If your temperature is too high, you will have another medical check-up. Please have the negative Covid test ready, either digitally or on paper.


3. During your stay:

Especially enjoy your holiday on our beautiful and cozy island. Due to the favorable Corona situation on Gran Canaria, you can enjoy almost everything: the beautiful weather, the beaches, swimming pools, walking, sports, restaurants and cafes (open until 22.00h).

On arrival at the apartment, provide us with a paper or digital copy of your COVID test. we must be able to show this in case of any check.

Always adhere to the important safety rules: distance, hygiene and use of a mouth mask.

Follow the prevention measures against COVID-19 recommended by the health authorities in Spain (see below).


What preventive measures against COVID-19 are recommended in Spain? Which are mandatory?

1. Maintain a physical interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters with people you do not live with.

2. Wash hands carefully and regularly.
3. Breathing: When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow. Use disposable wipes to remove airway secretions and discard after use. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as the hands facilitate the transmission of coronavirus.
4. The use of a mask (Mascarilla) is mandatory from 6 years:
a. By public transport.
b. On public streets, in public air spaces and in any enclosed space for public use (open to the public).

In practice, it is therefore always mandatory to wear a mask on the street, in supermarkets and other shops, shopping centers, pharmacies, taxis, buses, in the car (if the occupants do not live together) and health care facilities.

The use of a mouth mask is not mandatory:

-when walking outside inhabited areas (such as in the mountains).

-During sports a mask is not mandatory. You must always have a mask with you. If, after or during your run, you simply walk in an inhabited area again, you must put the mask back on.

5. There is currently a curfew from 10 pm. The cafes and restaurants are open untill 10pm (only on the terraces).



Many people think that they are not insured for medical expenses due to a negative travel advice. This turns out to be a misunderstanding. Your health insurance will reimburse the healthcare you may need during your holiday. Please inquire with your health insurance to obtain clarity about this yourself.

It is different with the travel insurance and the cancellation insurance. They can use exclusion clauses. This differs from insurance to insurance. Please inquire with your travel and cancellation insurance.

In the unlikely event that, despite the measures taken by yourself and Gran Canaria, you are infected with Corona here, the Canary Government has taken out insurance with Axa insurance (AXA seguros) to pay the extra costs, insofar as these are not covered by your own insurance:

Canary insurance for extra costs Corona

So: if you contract Covid on Gran Canaria, you are insured by the Canary Government for:

-Accommodation, if necessary (if your holiday has ended and you need to book an extra stay).

-All medical and hospital costs.


There are TWO conditions:

1. That one has tested positive by performing a PCR test.

2. That the own insurance does not reimburse these costs.

More information is available through AXA seguros, Phone: +34932086807.


** We do our utmost to place the correct and most recent information here, but we do not accept any responsibility for the correctness of the information about (handling) and no rights can be derived from this information.